LinkedIn Summary: Your Defining Point of Difference!

  • Date : 26 Mar, 2022

Why is a LinkedIn summary so important? Visitors to your own webpage, want to understand what synergistic value you bring to an organisation and the organisation that they represent. In a way, the LinkedIn summary is your Personal Brand's executive summary. Make it count. Make it stand out. Make it relevant!

The LinkedIn summary is your key career marketing statement. It's your central capability statement; the defining part of your profile that is viewed by all. If it captures interest, you will keep them wanting more. Adopting a narrative approach, you should have interconnected paragraphs that flow from your [1] Career Objective, to [2] Work History, to [3] Unique Career Proposition, to [4] Educational Qualifications, and a [5] Call to Action (CTA).

Hot Tip: A narrative-based story has purpose (career objective), a plot with clear interconnected, yet mutually-exclusive paragraphs that convey meaning in themselves, and factual elements that validate your career objective. (Unique career proposition)

Ensure it’s a capability statement that markets your functional strengths and the measurable outcomes you have achieved. Below, I have written an example of an apt LinkedIn Summary that packs the right balance between brevity, depth, and extricable scope.

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